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Needlepoint Slanted Victorian Step Stitch - How and Where To Use It

slanted victorian step stitch needlepoint how to

The body of the hare on this Totin Hare design by Lori Markovic for Ewe and Eye and Friends has been stitched in a Victorian Step Stitch - well, in this case it's actually a slanted Victorian Step Stitch but the idea is the same.

Where to Use a Victorian Step Stitch

victorian step stitch on the totin hare ewe and eye needlepoint

  • This is a great background or filler stitch. 
  • The Victorian Step Stitch crosses 3 and 6 intersections so it needs a fairly large area to play out.
  • Good for landscapes either as a straight stitch or a slanted stitch, sky and water.
  • Can be stitched horizontally, too, by simply turning the pattern. 

needlepoint victorian step stitch slanted

How to Do the Slanted Victorian Step Stitch

slanted victorian step stitch needlepoint
Make this a straight Victorian Step Stitch by eliminating the slant on the stitches.

the totin hare needlepoint ewe and eye
This canvas has been stitched as follows (so you can do this, too):

  • Background - T Stitch
  • Hare - Slanted Victorian Step Stitch
  • Leaves - Fly Stitch
  • Pineapples - Mosaic Stitch with Single French Knots
  • Basket - Cashmere Stitch
  • Circles - wrapped plastic rings sewn on.
Stitching by Gail Downing of Ewe and Eye and Friends

the totin hare needlepoint canvas ewe and eye
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