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Do you sometimes wish your needlepoint project would hurry up and get finished? This is often especially true when it comes to doing the background. Here are two easy needlepoint open stitches you can use like a darning pattern for a quick finish.

Both these stitches leave the canvas wide open, which is what makes them quick and easy, but they're probably not good choices for old canvases that you can't get the mildew stains out of - not that you have any of those. The point is, you've got to be happy with what's underneath.

Easy Open Needlepoint Stitch - Chopsticks

This first stitch is the Chopstick Stitch because it looks like chopsticks resting point to point and then stacked upon each other.

needlepoint chopsticks stitch
A custom needlepoint canvas where the artist has stitched the background in a Chopsticks Stitch.

This stitch lays down quickly because most of the holes are left unstitched. At the points where the chopsticks meet you can insert a bead or a cross stitch, or leave it blank.

needlepoint open stitch chopsticks
The needlepoint Chopsticks Stitch is laid down in darning
rows. Start by stitching parallel rows in the direction
of the yellow arrow and then do the opposite (red arrow)
direction. The dots in the intersections can be left open,
or filled in at the end with a bead or a cross stitch. The
Chopstitch stitches are over 6 vertical and horizontal
intersections but they could be closer together.

Easy Open Needlepoint Stitch - Trellis

This next stitch is very similar to Chopsticks and it is a Trellis Stitch.

needlepoint trellis stitch
The background around the monogram is stitched in a Trellis Stitch.

This is a looser stitch as the intersections cross each other. You can tie down the intersections with a small vertical or horizontal stitch and this will help secure them to the canvas and make for a tighter look. Securing the intersections in this way is done last and will be necessary if you are working the Trellis Stitch over a large area.
needlepoint trellis stitch
Needlepoint Trellis Stitch with optional
tie-downs. Work the blue lines then
the red.

Talk about two quick and easy ways to finish a canvas! Enjoy.SaveSave

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