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Three Ways to Needlepoint Heart Patterns as Darning Stitches

needlepoint heart patterns how to

A needlepoint heart darning stitch or pattern makes an attractive background. Here are three ways to create a quick, easy and pretty needlepoint background heart pattern.

1. Needlepoint Heart Darning Pattern Horizontal (Larger).

needlepoint heart darning pattern background open stitch  
Work the pattern in horizontal rows starting at the top right or left.
Carry your thread between hearts as you work each row.

 needlepoint heart darning pattern on love canvas with animal print paw in blue and green
The needlepoint heart shaped darning pattern partially stitched on the Paw Love canvas.

2. Needlepoint Heart Darning Pattern Horizontal (Smaller).

This one is better suited to a smaller space.

needlepoint heart darning pattern open stitch for small spaces
This pattern is more of an open stitch.
Once again it is worked in horizontal rows starting at the top.

The needlepoint heart darning pattern stitched onto the Love is A Four Legged Word canvas.

3. Needlepoint Heart Darning Pattern Vertical.

This one is the most closely packed version and the threads run vertically. It fits almost anywhere for a very attractive background stitch.


If you enjoyed this article and want to learn more about needlepoint darning patterns you might enjoy this book by Sharon G.

its about darn time needlepoint darning pattern book


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