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The Mosaic Stitch—One stitch--Endless Possibilities

How great is this? One simple stitch that can be used on a diagonal, in rows, as a square, in different directions, with different colors --- the possibilities are limitless –-- well not quite.

So how do we get started?  The basic Mosaic Stitch is a simple small square.

The Mosaic stitch
 It forms a tiny box in a needlepoint pattern.

The Mosaic Stitch
Now, if you’re stitching an area that is not uniform – the belly of a bird, a sleeve, a coat, a background – just about anything not in rows ---- you can run the Mosaic Stitch on a diagonal.

diagonal mosaic stitch

When using the diagonal mosaic the last stitch of the first series is shared with the first of the next series – so you’re stitching one single tent, one double tent, one single, one double – dropping down a row each time. Careful though where you use it – it will definitely give the area a diagonal look.

whimsical tree by JulieMar #625Whimsical Tree - blue stripes JM 625

If you’re doing a straight line you can run the basic Mosaic Stitch in rows – either horizontal or vertical.

Mosaic stitch run horizontally and vertically

This is a perfect stitch for Charlie Harper canvases.  Here, the dogs rump and legs are done in double rows, separated by single rows in a lighter color.  The Mosaic stitch is perfect for the darker areas as the rows run vertically 2 stitches. (If the vertical rows are 4 stitches, just do 2 rows of the Mosaic stitch side by side, all the way down.

Charlie Harper CH-c197Charlie Harper CH-c197

Try four basic Mosaic stitches in a box, or 6 in a rectangle.

Mosaic Stitch in shape of a box

Now, how about in reverse directions.

mosaic stitch in reverse directions

Now, try different colors - or do the center with a different type of thread or a different color (numbers 3, 4, 9 & 10 above).  Substitute a bead or a french knot for one of the single stitches.

Reverse Mosaic stitches

I substituted a french knot for one of the single stitches in random places in the Whimsical Tree ornament by JulieMar.

diagonal mosaic stitch with french knotJM-625

Have fun & experiment.

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