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Needlepoint Stitch Technique Guide

This page is all about needlepoint stitch techniques you can use to make your stitching life easier, or to enhance a design by adding a new dimension to it.

Click on the links to take you through to the needlepoint stitch technique you are looking for. Or click the link for basic needlepoint stitches.

We also have a needlepoint stitch library which tells you how and where to use a variety of needlepoint stitches.

needlepoint stitching techniqueCreate Even Needlepoint Stitch Tension

If you want your stitches to sit nice and evenly on the canvas, then some needlepoint stitch techniques that ensure you achieve even stitch tension are in order. Find out about creating even needlepoint stitch tension.

How to Use Overdyed Threads

How and where to use over-dyed or handpainted threads. Click here.


Tips for Selecting Needlepoint Stitches

It can be hard to decide what stitches to put on your canvas. Here are some basic tips.

And here's how we figured out the stitches for this Sunset Safari canvas.

A Creative Way to Stitch Stripes in Needlepointstitch stripes in needlepoint

Many needlepoint canvases have stripes as  design element. Here's a super quick and super easy way to stitch them.

stitch outlines in needlepointHow To Stitch Outlines in Needlepoint

Many canvases have very thin outlines around some of the objects on the canvas. Should you stitch these in or not?

Cat and Dog handpainted needlepointHow To Shade Needlepoint

Learn two easy methods for how to shade needlepoint. Whenever a canvas has areas of graduated color you will need to know how to stitch it without forming a hard line. Learn how to shade needlepoint here.


How To Needlepoint A Facehow to needlepoint a face stitching technique

We give you tips and techniques for how to needlepoint a face so it looks realistic.

needlepoint couching

Needlepoint Couching

Learn about needlepoint couching - a useful and easy technique for laying thread on top of the canvas too define features.

Needlepoint Water Stitch

needlepoint water stitchLearn how to stitch water in needlepoint with a needlepoint water stitch.

Continuous Motion Needlepoint Stitch

This is a great needlepoint stitch technique to make your canvas stitch up faster. It is the
"6 Million Dollar Man" of needlepoint stitches (we might be dating ourselves here!). If you use a continuous motion stitch to stitch your canvas you do not have to move your hand from the front to the back of the canvas. The needle is woven in and out on the top of the canvas. But, ladies and gentlemen, you cannot use a frame with this needlepoint stitch technique. If you are happy to substitute speed for tautness (and I gave up being "taut" in my thirties), then this one is for you. Click here for directions for a continuous motion needlepoint stitch

Needlepoint Stitch With Color Changes

If you are stitching a canvas that has a regular repeating pattern it can become frustrating tying off the yarns all the time to start a new color. Click here to learn a needlepoint stitch technique for using multiple colors in a repeating pattern. Your stitching will go faster and look neat and tidy on the back of the canvas. Multi-color technique.

Needlepoint Backstitch

Needlepoint backstitch is a very useful surface embroidery stitch to learn. It allows you to outline your needlepoint design and provides more definition where it is needed. We use it a lot to outline design features that we want to enhance and that otherwise might blend into the background. It's a surface embroidery stitch you do after you have completed the entire needlepoint design. Click here for information about this easy stitch.


Stitch A Needlepoint Curve

Learn some easy ways to stitch a needlepoint curve so it ends up like a curved line and not a jagged line.


How To Stitch A Penelope Needlepoint Canvas

how to stitch penelope needlepoint canvasYou can use a basic needlepoint stitch on a penelope canvas, but as this is a double weave canvas, there are some tricks to it. Click the link for more information on how to stitch a penelope needlepoint canvas.

How To Thread A Needle in Needlepoint

Some boutique or thicker needlepoint fibers can be tricky to get through a needle. Here are some to thread a needle

Questions? Contact Us about any needlepoint stitch, or anything else, of course. We love to hear from you. Contact us.


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