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Stitching Aids for Needlepoint Finger Pain

What are the best tools or stitching aids for dealing with finger pain when doing needlepoint or other types of needlework? There are a lot of products on the market so we thought we'd break it down and tell you which ones we think work best.

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stitching aids for needlepoint-finger-pain

Some stitchers get finger pain from inserting the needle through canvas for minutes or hours at a time. This happens particularly when there are several stitches in a hole (which requires more pressure to get the needle in and out), or if the needle is a bit too large for the canvas. If you think this might be the case, you can try a smaller needle, but we wouldn't recommend doing this halfway through a color area as it will show up as a change in tension in your stitches.

There are a few tools that work really well to relieve the pressure placed on finger pads when doing needlework.

The first of our favorite stitching aids is easy to use and affordable.

These NeedleGrips-Its are simple, self-adhesive dots that you apply to the pads of your thumb and index finger - or anywhere else you're feeling pressure pain from grasping the needle.
NeedleGrip-Its stitching aids for finger pain

They allow you to grip the needle better and apply traction so you aren't struggling as hard to insert the needle in and out. What's great about them is that unlike a metal or latex thimble, which is very cumbersome, these dots allow you full movement and you can even do other tasks like type an email or write notes with them on. There are 77 self stick dots in a packet of NeedleGrip-Its and they can be re-used once or twice (although they are designed for single use).

Another product we like as much, if not more, are these Thimble Pads...

Thimbe Pads are also self-adhesive but they're made of leather. They work like a thimble in that they offer a barrier to pressure, but they also allow you to grip better - unlike a thimble which makes gripping anything a challenge.  And, because they're smooth, they're good to use with threads that are more delicate and likely to snag (The NeedleGrip-Its have a ridged surface that might rough up finer threads). Thimble Pads are designed to be used a few times so they're good value.

And, let's not forget Finger Gloves. These are a bit more cumbersome than either of the adhesive dot options above, but what's good about them is that you can put them on the fingers that are receiving pressure  and they cover multiple areas.


Our most recommended use for Finger Gloves is in winter when your skin might be dry and you have skin tags that can catch on delicate threads.

A product we don't have any experience with but would like your feedback on if you do, are these Compression Gloves which are designed more for people with aching hands due to arthritis or overuse syndrome.

Have you tried them and what do you think? Let us know!

Stitching aids for needlework finger pain


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