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A Creative Way to Stitch Stripes in Needlepoint

Stripes are a common design theme on needlepoint canvases. Here we show you a creative way to stitch stripes in needlepoint.

This boldly colored needlepoint canvas has stripes as its main theme. The colors on this canvas are so intense, and work so well together, it really doesn't need any fancy stitches. But, what if you don't have time to stitch the whole thing in basketweave? Or, what if you just want to try something different?

striped needlepoint canvas
Flower on Stripes handpainted needlepoint canvas.

Wouldn't it be fun if you knew of a really fast way to stitch stripes? One that you could adapt to almost any canvas and customize it so the finished design is unique and truly yours?

Here's a creative and easy way to stitch stripes in needlepoint using a very simple Satin Stitch. A Satin Stitch is just a long stitch that is laid down in parallel lines so that when the stitches are viewed from a distance they have a satin-y look to them. A Satin Stitch can be a straight up and down stitch, or stitched on an angle like we have done here.

satin stitch for how to stitch needlepoint stripes
Using a Satin Stitch to customize needlepoint stripes - it's super fast and super easy.

The diagram below shows you how to stitch the Satin Stitch on an angle. We covered the height of the stripe and had the Satin Stitch crossing the same number of vertical and horizontal intersections.

how to stitch needlepoint stripes
How to Stitch Needlepoint Stripes using a Satin Stitch. We alternated the direction
of the stitch each row, to create striped rows.

You can customize this stitch in almost endless ways. We alternated the direction of the slope for each stripe, and we added some contrasting colors. You could stitch each stripe in the same color, or create your own pattern using colors. If you are using different colors, stitch one colored thread first, leaving gaps for where you want to insert other colors, then stitch the next colored thread, and so on.

how to stitch stripes in needlepoint
One idea for stitching stripes on a needlepoint canvas - you can adapt the Satin Stitch and
color choices to create an almost infinite variety of patterns. This section took well under an
hour to stitch - basketweave would have probably taken a couple of hours.

  • This is a long stitch so you may want to thicken your thread to get the coverage you want.
  • Cut your thread length longer - this will stitch up fast and you will go through a length of thread very quickly so you can probably cut them twice as long as you normally would.
  • You can create stripes on a canvas where there are none by laying down rows of alternating direction Satin Stitches.

how to needlepoint stripes


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