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Small Needlepoint Kits

Small needlepoint kits can be stitched in a few hours and are usually suitable for beginner stitchers. These easy needlepoint kits are from a variety of needlepoint designers and so you should find something here you are eager to stitch. If you have any questions be sure to ask us. We are always more than happy to help.

If you want some ideas about what to do with a small needlepoint kit once you have stitched it. How about sewing the needlepoint to a tote bag.

Small Needlepoint Kits - Jennifer Pudney

There are over thirty delightful small needlepoint kits in this whimsical range by the popular New Zealand designer, Jennifer Pudney. Click here to view the range.
bathing beauties jennifer pudney needlepoint kit

Small Needlepoint Kits - Mary Self Needlepoint

These Mary Self small needlepoint kits come with a special blend of merino-mohair wool yarn. They don't take log to stitch and some of the kits include beads. Imported from new Zealand.
mary self small needlepoint kit

Small Needlepoint Kits - Canoodles

Canoodles small needlepoint kits are affordable and great for stitchers new to needlepoint. Bright, fun designs with many themes - there is something for everyone in the Canoodles small needlepoint kit range.
Canoodles small needlepoint kit

Small Needlepoint Kits - Stitch & Zipstitch and zip small needlepoint kit

These highly popular pre-finished needlepoint kits will have you coming back for more. All you do is stitch the design and when you've finished you zip them up into a eyeglass case, a cosmetic or a coin purse. Easy and fun! Click here to view the extensive number of design choices available.

Small Needlepoint Kits - Halloween Stitch-Its

Stitch-Its are pre-finished Halloween ornaments that all you need to do is stitch the needlepoint on and you have a ready-to-hang ornament. Affordable and fun designs. See the range here.
halloween needlepoint kit  

Small Needlepoint Kits - Mini Christmas Stocking Kits

These mini Christmas stocking kits are pre-finished so all you have to do is stitch them and hang. See here for details.
mini Christmas stocking needlepoint kits