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Handpainted Needlepoint Designs


Abstract & Ethnic Needlepoint

Accessories: Frames, Inserts, eye glass cases

Alice Peterson Needlepoint

Animal Handpainted Needlepoint

Bees and Bugs

Bird Needlepoint

Cat Needlepoint

Charley Harper Needlepoint


Christmas Needlepoint

College Needlepoint

Dog Needlepoint

Easy Stitchpainted Needlepoint

Floral Needlepoint Designs

Fun & Whimsical

Geographical Needlepoint

Halloween & Fall Handpainted needlepoint

Holiday: Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day Easter & 4th of July

Judaic Needlepoint

Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint

Ladies - elegant, vintage or a little scary



Needlepoint Ornaments

Maggie Co. & Ewe and Eye

Purple Palm

Sandra Gilmore Needlepoint

Seascapes & Sea Animals


Stephen Fowler Needlepoint

Thorn Alexander Needlepoint

Vintage and Retro Needlepoint