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Open Squares Needlepoint Darning Stitch

This is such a pretty background stitch you'll want to use it wherever you have a large background area to fill.  It stitches up quickly, is easy to learn because the pattern is straightforward, but it looks like you've gone to a lot of trouble!

The Open Squares darning stitch is sometimes called Woven Squares. It leaves quite a bit of the canvas open which is why it stitches up quickly. Consider this stitch when you have a nice painted shade or shades on the underlying canvas - sky or plain background - and you're happy to let this show beneath the stitches.

open squares needlepoint darning stitch
Here's how you do it...

woven squares needlepoint darning stitch

Make your thread lengths a bit longer than usual so you don't have to stop and start too often, and always change threads at the end of a row.

Here's what it looks like on a partially stitched canvas background. This design is called Wildflower 70661 from Unique NZ Designs.

open squares needlepoint darning stitch

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Open Squares needlepoint darning stitch

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