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Needlepoint Wicker Stitch

The wonderful Wicker Stitch. We don’t hear much about it and I think it’s a very useful stitch to have in your stitch library.

Where to Use the Wicker Stitch

As its name suggests, the needlepoint Wicker Stitch looks like wicker and so an obvious use for it would be to stitch baskets or wicker furniture. It’s also an interesting and textured filler stitch, especially if you have a geometric design and you are looking for a variety of stitches to fill in with.

wicker stitch close up

The needlepoint Wicker Stitch is an effective border stitch and that is how we have used it on this Use Cream design. Just one row of Wicker Stitch adds a nice frame to a simple design like this. I will fill the rest in with basketweave.

handpainted needlepoint wicker stitch as a border
A famous saying by Julia Child. Wicker stitch used as a border.


The Wicker Stitch is a straight stitch so you might want to thicken your thread a little to get complete coverage if you don’t want the canvas showing through.

The Wicker Stitch crosses 4 stitch intersections so that makes it a quick stitch (we like that!).

How to Stitch the Needlepoint Wicker Stitch

how to stitch a needlepoint wicker stitch

It’s easy because the Wicker Stitch is just groups of 3 straight lines. It looks like the threads are woven under and over each other but they are not. The perpendicular stitches do tuck under and you have to move the stitch on top over a bit in order to bring the needle up beside the overlying stitch. It is easier if you are using a smaller needle, or even a chenille needle (sharp tip) to do this.



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