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Needlepoint Storage and Organization Ideas

Is your stitching space a mess? Lost needles, scissors and thread ends everywhere? Here are some products and ideas for organizing your chair or other stitching space where you routinely do your needlepoint.

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Start an Ort Jar

needlepoint ort jar

Find a pretty jar or vase that can sit out all year round (because you like looking at it) and put your thread ends - these are called orts - into it. When it's full, use the orts to stuff small pin cushions. Or, put them in some netting and hang them outside in spring when the birds will take the orts and use them for their nests.

Use a Sofa Arm Storage Caddy

There are a variety of these available in different styles and colors. If you sew you can even make your own. These handy storage devices sit over your sofa or chair arm and hold scissors, needles and other needlepoint bits and pieces. Some of them, like the one shown here, also have a flat tray on the top for things you need to access more immediately.

An over arm storage caddy with a flat tray top for storing and organizing your needlepoint tools and accessories right at your chair.

Use a Footstool Ottoman

A small footstool ottoman looks like a piece of furniture but acts as a storage space for your canvas and threads when you're not using them. How tidy is that?


Multi-Drawer Storage Containers

These are useful if you have a lot of bits and pieces to store. Find a container that fits in your footstool ottoman and you won't even see it!


Consider a Sofa Side Table

This is a side table that slides over your chair. If it has a drawer in it, like this one, you can use it for storage.

We hope you have found these ideas useful. If you have your own needlepoint storage and organization ideas, or a product you really like for this purpose, please share it with us.


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