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Needlepoint Stitch Library

Use this stitch library as a handy resource for how and where to use a variety of needlepoint stitches.

Needlepoint Continental Stitch. A great all-over stitch. Learn how to do a needlepoint continental stitch and when to use it. how to do a needlepoint continental stitch

Needlepoint basketweave stitch. The Holy Grail of needlepoint stitches in terms of
basic coverage and ability not to distort the canvas.
how to do a needlepoint basketweave stitch and when to use it.

Hungarian Needlepoint Stitch. How, where and why you should get to know the Hungarian needlepoint stitch. hungarian needlepoint stitch how to

Open Squares Needlepoint darning stitch makes a pretty background stitch that stitches up really quickly.
Click here to learn more.
open squares needlepoint darning stitch

Laced Chain Stitch. How, where and why you should get to know the Laced Chain needlepoint stitch. laced chain needlepoint stitch

Best needlepoint stitches to use for water. Click here. needlepoint stitch for water

Our top three Needlepoint Background Stitches. top three needlepoint background stitches and how to work them

How to create a needlepoint darning stitch in the shape of a question mark. how to do a needlepoint darning stitch as a question mark

Needlepoint Slanted Victorian Step Stitch - how and where to use it. victorian step stitch needlepoint how to

Needlepoint Kalem Stitch - Five reasons why we love this stitch and how to use it. needlepoint kalem stitch

Using a needlepoint bargello pattern to highlight a single feature on a canvas. Using a bargello pattern to highlight a single feature on a needlepoint canvas.

needlepoint filler stitches

 A needlepoint swirl stitch is a very handy flowing pattern stitch to use on sea and sky. needlepoint swirl stitch how to 

 Needlepoint heart darning stitches - three ways. Learn three ways to do a pretty background heart pattern  needlepoint heart shaped darning stitch free darning pattern
 Couched Ray Stitch. Perfect for spokes, sun rays, spider webs.  needlepoint couched ray stitch how to

Hungarian Criss-Cross stitch - use it when it snows. hungarian criss cross stitch needlepoint
Needlepoint Water Stitch. The perfect stitch for stitching, strangely enough... water? how to do a needlepoint water stitch
Needlepoint Cashmere Stitch for borders needlepoint cashmere stitch for a border

Needlepoint Couching. Add texture and definition to your 
needlepoint with couching.
needlepoint couching how to
Using a Gathered Stitch to stitch curly hair and fur. how to needlepoint hair and fur gathered stitch
Two easy needlepoint open stitches for quick background stitching. needlepoint darning pattern for backgrounds
Needlepoint Back Stitch. Great for surface embroidery. We use this one a lot. how to do a needlepoint back stitch
Needlepoint Parisian Stitch. A good stitch for backgrounds and to show the 
direction of movement as it can be worked horizontally or vertically.
needlepoint parisian stitch how to
Needlepoint Chain Stitch is useful for braids, cords, trunks etc. needlepoint chain stitch how to
Needlepoint Framed Scotch Stitch. This is a great stitch for creating a pattern on your canvas. needlepoint framed scotch stitch

Lay down stitches randomly with a needlepoint Random Stitch
needlepoint random stitch

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