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Needlepoint sititch guide for

"Cosmo Girl" by Voila! is a fun canvas, perfect for any level of needlepoint stitcher.  If you're a beginner, do the tent stitch or basket weave graphed below.  If you want to add a couple stitches, see what we've suggested for the dress, glove, glass, hair and background.  If you want a bigger challenge, or if you are an experienced needlepointer, follow us in our Newsletter as we stitch the canvas. You don't subscribe,  fill in the box below and get our free bi-monthly publication with sales and stitching tips.  No matter what stitches you use,
Happy Stitching.

--Tent stitch or Basket Weave

Needlepoint Basket Weave stitch

HAIR – Horizontal Gobelin

Horizontal Gobelin needlepoint stitch

GLASS, Including the stem-- Brick stitch

Needlepoint brick stitch

GLOVE -- Diagonal Mosaic

Diagonal Mosaic needlepoint stitch


DRESS --  Criss Cross Hungarian

Criss Cross Hungarian Needlepoint stitch


BACKGROUND --  Open Tent

Open tent stitch for needlepoint


A stitch and thread guide comes with every purchase of "Cosmo Girl".  You can purchase the canvas with or without threads. Choose from our drop-down menu.  If you pick threads from stitch guide we will provide some DMC cotton floss, Planet Earth Silk and Glisten by Rainbow Gallery. 


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Needlepoint stitch guide for

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