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Needlepoint Stands

Needlepoint stands are invaluable for supporting your needlepoint canvas while you stitch.

There are two main types:


Needlepoint Floor Stands. You will obviously need room in your house to store a needlepoint floor stand because they are quite bulky items. However, if you are stitching a large needlepoint these needlepoint frames will help you a lot. You simply pull a chair up in front and the needlepoint canvas is held taut and still for you to work on.


Lap or Table Stands. As the name suggests, a lap or table needlepoint stand sits on a table (or your lap) while you work. It is convenient and not too bulky.


Your needlepoint frame attaches to one of these stands so that you do not have to hold it and you can perform what is effectively hands-free stitching.

For this reason when you are looking to make your purchase, ensure you can get one arm at each of the back and the front of your canvas - one hand guides the needle through from the back and the other pulls through from the front.

For large projects you will probably need a floor model as a lap or table stand will not be sturdy enough to balance a large frame.

Needlepoint Stands - Where to Buy

Your local stitchery store will certainly be able to help you. You will be able to try some out to make sure they "fit" you for comfort.

You can also do an online search to find sources to buy online. Unfortunately we do not sell needlepoint stands at this time.

Contact us with questions about needlepoint stands.

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