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What Is A Needlepoint Scroll Frame?

A needlepoint scroll frame literally scrolls the canvas onto a wooden frame and tightens it to create a firm working canvas. 

Needlepoint Scroll Frame - How It Works

To attach your needlepoint canvas to the needlepoint scroll frame you either hand sew it onto a bar tape, or sew it on with a sewing machine. 


The canvas is then scrolled up, top and bottom, until it becomes taut.

The needlepoint scroll frame can be attached to a lap stand or a floor stand so you can needlepoint without having to hold the frame. This may allow you to have one hand at the front of the canvas feeding the needle through, and the other hand at the rear of the canvas to receive the needle and feed it back.

Needlepoint Scroll Frame - Where To Buy

A company called K's Creations makes what are some of the most widely available frames in the U.S. The K's Creations website has a needlepoint scroll frame tutorial and is a good source of information about the types that are available.

You cannot purchase frames from the K's Creations site, but they can refer you to a stockist.

Contact us with questions about needlepoint scroll frames.


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