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Needlepoint samplers - new contemporary designs to commemorate all occasions

embroidery sampler
What is a sampler, and didn't it go out of style 200 years ago?  Well not really.  Samplers are still the perfect needlepoint project to commemorate your child's birth, a wedding, a new home, a summer vacation.  And now you can stitch a Sampler with a contemporary design.

antique sampler
A needlepoint sampler started as a piece of needlework to demonstrate or a test a skill. It included the alphabet, figures, motifs, decorative borders, the name of the person who stitched it, and the date.  In other words, a sample of one’s work. (And not too subtle either when they included the name & date of the person stitching it.)   The oldest surviving European samplers were made in the 16th and 17th centuries. Since printed patterns, let alone your “GOT NEEDLEPOINT?” newsletter, were unavailable, stitched models were needed. Whenever a stitcher saw a new and interesting example of a pattern, she would quickly sew a small sample of it onto a piece of cloth - her 'sampler'.


OK – so we’ve come a long way baby – we can now get stitching instructions on line from Needlepoint-for-fun. Why do we care about 16th century samplers? It may be hard to believe, but Samplers are widely stitched today.  Popular designs include Samplers commemorating a birth, or for a child's room . . .

4 samplers by Jolly Red

Marriage . . .

marriage sampler by Jolly Red

or even a summer vacation.

beside the beach sampler by Jolly Red

Here are the top 5 reasons to Stitch a Sampler:

1 – To commemorate an occasion – wedding, birth, new home . . .

2 – You want to stitch something similar to what your mother, grandmother, great grandmother did. . .

3 – You need a present for the new baby that’s unique and timeless (And face it, that onesie will get thrown out in a couple months.) . .

4-  You spend a lot of time stitching – might as well have your name on it, and . . .

5 – You like the design & it’s the only way it comes.

Jolly Red, a British company based in rural Somerset, England has beautiful samplers ready for any occasion. We've just shown you a few.  CLICK HERE to see all Jolly Red kits.



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contemporary sampler kits from Jolly Red

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