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How To Needlepoint Left-Handed

We are often asked how to needlepoint left handed and there are a couple of ways to do this.

Needlepoint Left Handed - Method A

The first, and most obvious way to needlepoint left handed is to follow the standard needlepoint stitch instructions. But, instead of starting in the top right corner of the color area, if you are doing the basketweave stitch for example, start in the top left corner.

, instead of the stitches running from top to bottom right to left, they will run top to bottom left to right.

You are essentially stitching a mirror image of the instructions and the stitches will slope the opposite way to what they would normally. However, we think that as long as all your stitches are sloping the same way then this is fine. We do not know of a needlepoint statute anywhere that decrees that needlepoint stitches must slope upwards from left to right. There isn't a needlepoint police patrolling these things, either - so go for it. If you are a left handed stitcher you will want to find the easiest way to needlepoint left handed, and this might be it.

Needlepoint Left Handed - Method B

There is another low-fuss way to needlepoint left handed. We got these instructions from the fine folk at One Off Needlework in England. Wendy, the owner of One Off Needlework, put these instructions together for how to needlepoint left handed and she has generously said we can offer them to you here. These have been made as low fuss as possible. Access this PDF file for how to needlepoint left handed.

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