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Where and How to Use a Framed Scotch Stitch

Some stitches can create a pattern on your canvas where there isn't one already.

framed scotch stitch needlepoint

The Framed Scotch stitch is one of these - and it's easy to do. The Framed Scotch stitch provides the pattern so it is best used on unadorned canvas areas like large(ish) geometric spaces, or areas where you want to create pattern e.g. clothing.

flower on stripes needlepoint
A Framed Scotch Stitch creates a pattern on your canvas and so works well on unadorned areas like this Flower on Stripes handpainted canvas.

The Framed Scotch stitch is simply a Scotch stitch that is framed by a Continental stitch.  It is most effective if stitched in two colors, but of course you don't have to. Stitching it in one color will give you a nice textured stitch.

Start by stitching in the horizontal lines of the frame.

 framed scotch stitch how to needlepoint
 Stitch in the horizontal bands of the frame first, leaving a 3 stitch square for the Scotch stitch to fill in.

Next, stitch the vertical lines.

needlepoint framed scotch stitch how to

Next, fill in with a Scotch Stitch.

needlepoint framed scotch stitch how to

Look on your next canvas for a feature that could be creatively adorned by the two toned or single toned Framed Scotch stitch.



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