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How to Create A Needlepoint Flower Pattern

Patterns can be quite easy to create on needlepoint canvas. For example, we're going to show you how you can create this pretty needlepoint flower pattern.

needlepoint flower pattern stash buster
                         A needlepoint flower pattern that uses a simple satin stitch.

A flower pattern like this can be used anywhere there is a large(ish) amount of blank space. It can form an interesting background to an otherwise plain canvas like this one....
gone crazy needlepoint
The background to a simple canvas like this
Gone Crazy design could be made more
interesting by stitching a flower pattern in one
or more colors.

You could stitch the flower pattern in lots of different colors to make a statement, or in the same color for a more subtle, textured background effect.

Or it can be used as a pattern for something like clothing....

maggie needlepoint no place like home
 The woman's dress on this Maggie Co. needlepoint
design No Place Like Home could be enhanced with
a needlepoint flower pattern.

Or you could stitch it onto some blank canvas as a way of using up your spare threads - it makes a cute design all on its own.

How to Create this Needlepoint Flower Pattern:

Start by stitching all the flower centers in diagonal rows.

needlepoint flower pattern
Stitch all the flower centers first, dragging your thread between each one.

Here's the pattern diagram for the flower centers...

flower pattern needlepoint

flower pattern needlepoint stash buster

Then stitch the petals using a Satin Stitch in the same pattern as the flower centers. Choose your own colors - you can use up what's in your stash. Stitch one flower's petals then move to the next flower, changing thread color if you are using different colors.

needlepoint flower pattern

how to stitch a needlepoint flower pattern
Stitch each flower's petals in one at a time, stitching around the flower center.

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