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Needlepoint Canvas Blank

Mono Needlepoint Canvas (Blank)

  • Mono is a single thread needlepoint canvas which means the threads are woven over and under each other at the junctions and held together with fabric sizing or starch.
  • Mono needlepoint canvas blank is a sturdy canvas and a good choice for soft furnishings and pillows, upholstery items.
  • Mono canvas is also a good choice when you want to use a lot of specialty stitches as the junctions will move to accomodate this.
  • Available in mesh sizes 10 to 18. A 10 mesh canvas has 10 holes to the inch.
  • Available in White or Brown.

Purchase white mono needlepoint canvas blank

Purchase brown mono needlepoint canvas blank.

mono needlepoint canvas blank

 Interlock Needlepoint Canvas (Blank)

  • Interlock is also a single thread needlepoint canvas but it is interlocked at the junctions - one thread pierces the middle of the other where they intersect. 
  • Interlock needlepoint canvas blank is a good choice for irregular-shaped needlepoint projects as it is easy to cut and it does not fray readily.
  • This canvas can be used for pillows, wallhangings and anything that does not get a lot of wear and tear.
  • Available in mesh sizes 10-18 for needlepoint (see below for 7 mesh rug canvas)
  • Color is white only.

blank needlepoint canvas interlock

Blank Needlepoint Canvas - Penelope

  • Penelope is a double thread canvas. It is a sturdy canvas and the best choice for furnishings and projects that will get wear and tear.
  • With a penelope canvas you can stitch all the holes (this is called petit point) or just the big holes (gros point). Most stitchers stitch a penelope needlepoint canvas doing both - they stitch the small holes for the detailed areas of the design, and the large holes using a thicker thread for the background.
  • Penelope needlepoint canvas blank is only available in size 10/20 - this is 10 holes to the inch if you are only counting the big holes (gros point), or 20 holes to the inch if you are counting all the holes (petit point).
  • The available color is brown only.
blank needlepoint canvas penelope


Needlepoint canvas can be washed in warm, lightly soaped water before or after it has been stitched. If stitched, first ensure the threads you have used are colorfast. 

Contact us with questions about needlepoint canvas blank. We are always happy to help and we love to hear from you.

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