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Eight Needlepoint Tools and Accessories for Gifts and Beginners

Here are eight needlepoint tools or accessories we think every beginner stitcher should own. Or, you might use this list for gift ideas for someone who loves to needlepoint. We've taken the guesswork out of what to buy.

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1. A great pair of scissors.

Needlework scissors come in all shapes and sizes - some are expensive, some are quite affordable. If you only want to own one pair of needlework scissors then make it a stainless steel pair with a long(ish) sharp tip, and don't buy dirt cheap. Whether you're ripping out stitches or snipping threads the scissors need to be accurate, and cheap scissors often don't line up, or they have burrs on the blade which affects their accuracy, and this will ultimately have you cussing and throwing your "toys".

We like these scissor options below. The Embroidex scissors are sharp, pointy and very manoeuvrable because they don't have finger holes. They're great for ripping out and for thread trimming. The only down-side is they don't close.

Sorry we can no longer find these on Amazon so we're trying to find another source or pair of snipper scissors we like as much!

We also like these 4" Gold Stork scissors for every day stitching. This is a classy and pretty pair of scissors that will last forever. A lovely gift item, too.

2. Project bags in a few sizes.

You need something to put your projects in that you can trust to last the distance. Our favorites are these Helenz project bags that are made out of heavy, clear plastic so you can see what's inside. They have an attractive fabric trim, a heavy-duty front facing zipper and durable stitching. These bags should last forever and they won't be punctured by your scissors or needles. Great for travel documents, odds and ends, and other items, too.

project bags Helenz Zippit

3. A needle threader.

It just makes life easier!

4. A needle keeper.

If you work your needlepoint in hand then you can use the edges of the canvas to store your needle when you're not working your project, but if you work on a frame then it's hard to get the needle into a taut canvas without bending it or damaging the canvas weave. That's why you need a needle magnet that sits on your canvas and holds your needles for safe-keeping and easy retrieval.

5. A daylight lamp.

Even if your eyesight is 20/20 you'll find it much easier to stitch in daylight. Place your chair with the light behind you.

stitching chair in natural daylight needlepoint

For night time, or when the sun's shining elsewhere, you'll find a daylight-simulating lamp indispensable. We have two good options here .

daylight lamp daylight lamp

And, here's a third option if you want a more sophisticated model that sits on the floor and has a magnifier and clip - the creme de la creme of daylight lamps!

6. A good needlepoint book.

 The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito has everything you need to know about needlepoint.

the needlepoint book jo ippolito

7. A variety pack of needles.

Most canvases will come with a needle, but it's annoying if you lose it and you don't have a replacement. Having a variety pack of needles on hand just reduces the hassle factor. And here's a handy guide to needle sizes.


Size 16 needle - 8-mesh canvas

Size 18 needle - 10-mesh canvas

Size 20 needle - 12 - 14-mesh canvas

Size 22 needle - 16 - 18-mesh canvas

8. Edging tape.

If you tape the edges of your canvas it won't fray or catch on your threads. Even if your canvas comes taped, chances are it will pull off over time. If you have your own edging tape, you're covered!

We like both of these options but you only need one. Seams Great can be used for other sewing needs as well - like hemming.


eight must have needlepoint needlework tools accessories


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