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Learn How To Needlepoint

To learn how to needlepoint is not at all difficult. A basic needlepoint stitch takes only a few minutes to learn and, once mastered, you can be stitching beautiful needlepoint pillows or wallhangings.

needlepoint kitDo you have a design you want to stitch? To learn how to needlepoint we recommend you start with a needlepoint kit. You won’t have to decide what fiber to use, how much you will need, and so on, because the kit manufacturer has included everything you need. There are lots of different needlepoint kits on the market, from. Choose your style of needlepoint kit and let's get started.

If you look inside your needlepoint kit you will always find instructions on how to needlepoint. If you need extra help we have basic needlepoint instructions here. To learn how to needlepoint you only need to know how to make a basic needlepoint stitch.  We suggest you start off by learning the continental stitch. In fact, this is really the only stitch you need to know in order to create beautiful needlepoint projects. Why not start out by just learning this one needlepoint stitch?

Have you sorted out your colors? Do you know which color thread you are going to use where? Make sure the kit manufacturer has supplied all the colors you need.

learn how to needlepointYou will get the best result if you stitch the smallest design areas first. This ensures you lay down the detailed areas first which are the most important ones to get right. Don't worry if it is not entirely clear what color a stitch is supposed to be - just make a decision and go with it. Needlepoint rarely needs to be that precise.

To tie off your thread to change colors, or when you need to re-thread your needle, run your needle and thread under some stitches on the rear of the canvas. This holds the tail of the thread in place and ensures the stitches don't work loose. Do the same thing when you re-thread the needle to start again – secure the thread by running it under some stitches at the back.

The best thing you can do, though, when you learn how to needlepoint is to read some basic instructions, like those we have introduced you to here, thread your needle and get started! Practice makes perfect! As you stitch away you will get the hang of it and it will get easier.

Contact us with any questions about learning how to needlepoint.

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