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laced chain needlepoint stitch how to

A Laced Chain needlepoint stitch creates a pretty textured pattern on the canvas and it fits in almost any spot.

It also offers something different in terms of a stitching experience. This is a chain stitch which means you're looping the yarn in and out of other threads rather than just weaving in and out of the canvas.

So, if you're looking for a decorative stitch that's not the same old, same old, read on...

Where to Use a Laced Chain Stitch

Like we said, it fits almost anywhere. The Laced Chain stitch looks a lot like a piece of knitting so it works well for things like clothing, buildings, hair. It's a pretty, feminine-looking stitch, if there is such a thing.

How To Create A Laced Chain Stitch

It's not hard at all.

First, lay down a row of double straight stitches at the top of the area you're stitching. These are anchoring stitches. You will also need anchoring stitches like these at the sides of the area you are working as the chain stitch needs something to loop under at the sides. You can put these in at the beginning or as you go.

laced chain needlepoint stitch how to

Now for the fun part. Working in horizontal rows, always from right to left (which is the most annoying part of this stitch as it means you have to drag your thread, or secure off and start again, for each new row), loop the chain stitches under these anchoring stitches as shown in the diagram.

laced chain needlepoint stitch

laced chain stitch

When you do the third etc rows, anchor the chain in the row of chain stitches above.

laced chain stitch
laced chain needlepoint stitch

As you can see, you end up with a pretty filler stitch that works in many situations and is 100% fun to stitch. Enjoy!

laced chain needlepoint stitch

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