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Kids Needlepoint Kits

Kids needlepoint kits are not just for kids! Adults can stitch these too. In fact, kids needlepoint kits are really just small needlepoint designs on a large mesh canvas. This makes them easier to stitch. Why?

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kids needlepoit kit

Why Choose Kids Needlepoint Kits:

  • The wool used to stitch the design is a thick tapestry yarn and is easy to handle.
  • The holes on the needlepoint canvas are wide so it is easy to see where to place each stitch - and, for those of us with less-than-perfect eyesight, it is easy to see what we are stitching.
  • The designs for kids needlepoint kits usually feature bold, interesting colors and themes. The design is in blocks of color which is easier to stitch than lots of teeny tiny areas.
  • Kids needlepoint kits can usually be finished by children from the age of about 7 years with some adult guidance. Do not be discouraged if your child does not finish the first needlepoint kit they attempt. You can foster a life-long love of stitching by letting them go at their own pace and trying needlepoint at different stages of your child's development.
  • Stitching kids needlepoint kids can help improve your child's math skills, spatial perception (it takes practice to wield that small needle into a small space), and their fine motor skills. So, by learning how to needlepoint your child is also learning lots of other important skills.
kids needlepoint kit

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Contact us with questions about kids needlepoint kits. We are always very happy to help.

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