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Interesting Ways to Needlepoint Simple Canvases

Using Fun Fibers and Stitch Techniques

Sometimes you might come across a needlepoint design that you love, but you're not inclined to stitch it because there's not enough "going on" on the canvas - funny sayings might be an example of this.

Here's a few ideas for spicing up a canvas that has only a few colors or details. Canvases like these:



With a bit of imagination you can turn this...
love dogs simple needlepoint canvas

into this...

love dogs simple needlepoint canvas stitched

Stitched by Vicky DeAngelis whose blog, Mostly

Needlepoint, can be followed here.

These ideas can be applied to any basic needlepoint canvas:

1. Use Fun Threads.

fun needlepoint fibers

  • Velvets, metallics, sparkles, the choice is mind-boggling. Choose an interesting thread to stitch:
     - all the letters
     - the first letter of each word
     - a word that you want to make stand out
     - a motif.
    Think about how you might incorporate a fun fiber without making the overall stitched design look overloaded. Remember, less is more with most boutique fibers.


  2. Use Beads.

needlepoint a simple canvas

Here, tiny beads were used to stitch all the lettering. Even if you don't have the patience for this amount of beading, you can strategically place one or two beads on the canvas - like this heart?

needlepoint a simple canvas

3. Use a Darning Pattern for the Background.

Whole books have been written about darning patterns - we have a good one here -  but did you know you can also make up your own? This dog bone darning pattern has been repeated across the background of the canvas. Nothing boring about creating and stitching this!

A darning stitch is just a running stitch repeated in a pattern, row by row. The American Needlepoint Guild explains it nicely and has a page of examples here. Here are some patterns for heart shapes which would look good on most backgrounds.

4. Use a Different Stitch for the Border.

You could "border" the design using something like a Cashmere Stitch or an easy Scotch Stitch.

needlepoint cashmere stitch as a border
Cashmere stitch used to border a design.

There are lots of possibilities for enhancing both the look and the stitching experience of a simple needlepoint canvas.

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