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How to do the Spider Web needlepoint stitch

Floral bouquet of spider web needlepoint stitches

The spider web stitch is primarily done on top of the canvas.  You can make the spokes visible or hidden (above). And you can use any thread, including silk ribbon. Either way, the stitch is perfect to fill in a round object.

Stitching a rounded shape is a challenge, especially when doing the tent or basket weave stitch. If you want a rounded edge without much difficulty, try the Spider Web stitch. The spider web needlepoint stitch can be used for flowers, tire wheels, the sun or moon, and round edges of a couch – well if you have a groovy couch like ours. You can use any type of thread: cotton, wool, silk, a blended thread, or even silk ribbon. And, you can determine whether you want the spokes to be dominant, or fade into the background.

Spokes of spider web needlepoint stitch


You begin the Spider Web needlepoint stitch by creating “spokes”.   They resemble the spokes of a tire, and are placed in a circle over the area you want covered. Once done, you must determine if you want the spokes to be visible, or hidden. The hidden spokes also allow you to have a more rounded shape to your stitch.

Hidden Spokes:

Spider web needlepoint stitch

First stitch an odd number of spokes. Five or seven is best, depending on the size of the area you want covered. Place them equidistant from each other.

spider web needlepoint stitch diagram

Once the spokes are done, you will begin to weave your thread over & under each spoke, completely on top of the canvas. This video from Needlepoint Now is a wonderful demonstration on how to do the spider web stitch. Click the link to see the demo.

When you've covered the spokes (and the area desired), tuck the thread under the canvas.

Visible Spokes:

Spider web needlepoint stitch

If you want your spokes visible, you’ll have to stitch your Spider web a bit differently. You’ll still start with the spokes in a circle, equidistant from one another. This time the number of spokes can be even.

spider web needlepoint stitch
Again, you will stitch above the canvas. This time, you'll wrap one spoke before moving the needle to the next spoke, rather than skipping it.

Bring the needle up near the center and slide it under the nearest spoke from right to left. Wrap the spoke with the thread once. Slide the needle under the same spoke as well as the next spoke to the left. This will create a wrap on the first spoke and have the needle in place as you repeat this process. 

Continue wrapping each spoke, working around the web and filling it in. When you reach the edge, bring the needle back down through the fabric under one of the spokes.

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How to do the spider web needlepoint stitch


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