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Stash busters—the best way to use your stash of threads

When I first visited Mary (before taking over the business) she was kitting a canvas by Sandi Garris called “Block Party”.  I must say, she wasn’t very pleased.

Geometric needlepoint called Block Party by JulieMar

As you can see, Block Party by JulieMar & Friends has dozens of different colors and shades of the same color in small one to three inch segments. “Why didn’t we call this a stash buster?” Mary asked.  A stash buster, I thought, what the heck is that!   Well, it took me a while, but I figured out that a stash buster is a canvas that has lots of different colors in small amounts-- perfect to use up your stash of threads. 

A stash buster can be geometric or floral, large or small; any canvas that has lots of color qualifies. There are no rules about the type of thread to use - so use up all different types:  cotton silk or wool.


  German Shepherd #PDW416 by JulieMar   Seaside Resort #1000 by purple palm


No wake zone #15 by Purple palm arabesque #sc255 by JulieMar

Pictured above German Shepherd #PDW416 by JulieMar; Seaside Resort #1000 by Purple Palm;
No wake Zone #015 by Purple Palm and Arabesque #SC255 by Sally Corey.

And, unlike a realistic dog or cat, or an image of your home, it really doesn’t matter if the color is off a shade.

Golden #SF109 by Steven Fowler
Golden by Steven Fowler #109

Trish & I also have referred to some canvases as "Partial Stash Busters".  A partial stash buster is a needlepoint canvas that has lots of mixed color except the central figure, or a dominant background. Love Horse by UniqueNZ Designs is a perfect example of both.

Love Horse by UniqueNZ Designs

The flowers in Love Horse are various colors and can be embellished with whatever thread you have in stock. You can stitch them in cotton floss, silk, fine wool, or all three.  Use up that stash.  However, when you're picking thread for the horse, unless you want to be creative and make him psychedelic, you’ll need to have enough of the white & greys to stitch the entire thing.  And you don't want to use wool and cotton together.  The background too should be the same color and thread - even if you stitch it orange.

Or, you may have all the threads for the details, but you need a large amount for the background - and you want it consistent. 

Eggs M1195 by Maggie

Eggs by Maggie is the perfect example.  Does it really matter if the shade of purple on that egg is exact?  Well maybe your eyes are more discerning than mine.  But I prefer blue, so I'll change mine.  But that background - you want that to be the same color and thread throughout.

It's easy to order a stash buster from Needlepoint-for-fun.  Just Click Here or type STASH BUSTER at the search button.  Then, pick your lovely canvas.  There are dozens that we think would be ideal to use up your stash.  And, we haven't marked all of them. Look through the hundreds of canvases on our site and pick your favorite.  Next, go through your stash - just a quick look to see what you have in stock.   Finally, determine the areas that are central (like the horse), or that have a large area of a color you don't have in your stash. Order the canvas without threads and just call or  email us letting us know what part of your new canvas you want kitted.  We’ll kit just the part asked and charge you for the thread used.

The only hitch – make sure you use the appropriate grade thread for the size mesh. You don’t want to use Heavy wool for 18 mesh or it’ll bunch, or Bella Lusso for 13 – just too thin. Not sure, just ask.

Be creative – mix your wool and silk – add some left over kreinik or cotton. And, stitch, stitch, stitch. 


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Stash buster - how to use your left over threads

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