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Diamond Leviathan Needlepoint Stitch

I have started stitching the Lisbon Tile canvas, kicking off with a Diamond Leviathan needlepoint stitch  for the center circle. I chose this stitch because it has a raised look to it – all the stitches pile on top of one another, like the game Stacks on the Mill, and the center ends up looking almost padded. I use this stitch a lot for designs that have a central element like this one as I think it draws your eye in.

My Diamond Leviathan needlepoint stitch is more a Circle Leviathan because that was the shape of the space I had to fill. I just followed the circle around with my long cross stitches, tucking the needle under the edges of the whipped backstitches (this is the black outline stitch you see in the photo) as best I could.

Use a Diamond Leviathan needlepoint stitch wheerever you have a small circular or diamond-shaped area you want to fill. It can be a repeating pattern but I think this stitch is most effective when used as a central element on your design.

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