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Canvas Needlepoint

If you are looking for canvas for needlepoint then you have come to the right place. Some canvas used for needlepoint is blank – that is it has no design printed on it; some canvas for needlepoint has a design printed on it and this needlepoint canvas is generally sold as a needlepoint kit with threads; or you can find hand-painted canvas for needlepoint.

Canvas Needlepoint – Blank

canvas needlepoint blankCanvas for needlepoint that has no design on it is used by artists and designers who want to create their own needlepoint designs. This type of needlepoint canvas is sold by the yard, or part yard, and comes in various mesh sizes. Click the links to learn more about the types of blank needlepoint canvas or to purchase canvas needlepoint blank.

Canvas Needlepoint – Printed

Needlepoint canvas that has a design printed on it is usually sold as part of a needlepoint kit. The design is either screen printed, or digitally printed, onto the needlepoint canvas and the manufacturer packages this product with wool or cotton yarns. The canvas needlepoint is then stitched and made into a pillow or wall-hanging. You can see a wide variety of needlepoint kits (canvas needlepoint printed) by clicking here.

Canvas Needlepoint – Handpainted

Hand-painted needlepoint canvas is the crème de la crème of canvas needlepoint. There are thousands of designs to choose from and each has been individually painted by hand. This makes them a pricey proposition, but well worth it, as the finished product, once stitched, is canvas needlepoint at its finest.

One popular contemporary way of stitching a handpainted needlepoint canvas is to leave areas of the canvas unstitched, or stitch with open stitches so parts of the beautifully painted canvas show through.

We have a selection of canvas needlepoint handpainted here.

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