Traditional Needlepoint Kits

Traditional needlepoint kits are mostly shipped to us from England. They are inspired by various historical eras: Art Nouveau, the Arts and Crafts movement, tiles and tapestries that may have long since been forgotten had they not been reproduced in the needlepoint kits you see within the categories on this page.
It might be traditional needlepoint, but it's far from boring. These designs have stood the test of time and are very popular today.

Traditional Needlepoint - The Stitchery

This range of needlepoint designs from The Stitchery is firmly rooted in history with inspiration drawn from William Morris. Kitted with Appleton's yarns and color-printed onto Zweigart canvas, a Stitchery needlepoint pillow kit is sure to delight.

Traditional Needlepoint - The Purple Tree

A Purple Tree needlepoint kit from England is adapted from the beautiful art of watercolor artist Elizabeth Parsons. This is traditional needlepoint with a contemporary flavor. You will get all the relaxation and stitching pleasure you need from stitching one of these needlepoint pillow kits.

Traditional Needlepoint - Millennia Designs

The Millennia Designs range is inspired by historical designs ranging from Ancient Egypt to Art Nouveau. There are also needlepointkits based on the Arts and Crafts movement designers including William Morris and William de Morgan. This is traditional needlepoint at its finest.

Traditional Needlepoint - Primavera

The Primavera needlepoint range is blooming with floral needlepoint kits. They lend an elegance to any living room and are a joy to stitch as you see the design come alive. This is a large range with plenty of choices for beginner and experienced stitchers.

Traditional Needlepoint - Animal Fayre

The Animal Fayre range is not all about animals but it is all about exquisite design. This range is traditional needlepoint with an exotic flair. Imported from England these classic needlepoint kits are of excellent quality.

Traditional Needlepoint - One Off Needlework

One Off Needlework
may not be strictly traditional needlepoint, but the designs are strictly beautiful. This popular Oriental Cat design is based on 17th century Korean art. There are designs in this exquisite range to suit all ages and stages.

Traditional Needlepoint - Cleopatra's Needle

The Cleopatra's Needle range of English needlepoint is a mix of fruits and florals with inspiration coming from the Arts and Crafts movement and Art Nouveau.

Traditional Needlepoint - Penelope Designs

Traditional penelope needlepoint designs from France, including some reproductions of Old Masters. All these designs are printed onto penelope canvas.

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