Stitch A Contemporary Custom Needlepoint Chair

Is it time you revived a tired old chair? Do you have a dining or living room chair (or six) that could do with a face lift?

We have experience in helping stitchers create beautiful pieces of upholstery from custom designs that we print onto needlepoint canvas.

Turn this...
floral needlepoint

Into this...
custom needlepoint chair

All we need from you is some design guidance. Perhaps you have your own image that you would like to use, or at least an idea for an image?

We have three images you can choose from right here if you like.

gerbera needlepoint daisy needlepoint  lily needlepoint
 custom needlepoint chair  custom needlepoint chair  custom needlepoint chair

Sending us a photo of the chair it's to eventually end up on would be useful. We will need some dimensions, too, but to start with you can simply send us an inquiry and start throwing some ideas around.

Fill out the form with all the bits you know, and leave the bits you don't know blank and we can fill them in as we go.

Prices start at around $80 to print a 15" x 15" (or thereabouts) canvas in full color. Any size canvas can be printed (up to 36" wide). We can provide threads or you can source your own, it's up to you.

Don't let Crate & Barrel decide what goes into your living room! Stitch your own custom needlepoint upholstered furniture - with our help, of course.

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Custom Needlepoint Chair

Tell us about the custom needlepoint chair design you want to stitch.