Primavera Needlepoint
Traditional florals feature strongly in these beautiful needlepoint kits from England.

Fine Cell Needlework
England's Fine Cell Needlework is a charitable organization that offers stunning needlepoint designs.

Millennia Designs
From Millennia Designs of Wales, these classic needlepoint kits are based on historical tapestries and tiles.

Purple Tree Needlepoint Kit
A Purple Tree needlepoint kit by Elizabeth Parsons is a joy to stitch. Classically beautiful needlepoint kits from England.

Kirk & Hamilton Needlepoint Kit
Kirk & Hamilton is a range of needlepoint pillow kits from London, England. Quirky, fun designs with fresh colors.

Anchor Needlepoint
Colorful, vivid and exciting needlepoint kits from the talented fabric designer Anna Maria Horner.

Stitchsmith Kits
Contemporary needlepoint pillow kits from New Zealand

Jennifer Pudney Small Kits
Popular range of small, whimsical needlepoint kits.

Jennifer Pudney Pillow Kits
Bright, contemporary needlepoint kits from New Zealand.

Stitchery Needlepoint Pillow Kit
The finest in needlepoint pillow kits by The Stitchery of England.

Cleopatra's Needle
Beautiful English needlepoint kits inspired by Art Nouveau and the Arts and Craft movement.

One Off Needlework
A range of contemporary kits from England.

Animal Fayre Needlepoint Kits
A unique range of needlepoint kits inspired by animals with historic themes.

Needlepoint Herb Pillows
Needlepoint kits to make into lovely scented herb pillows.

Beginner Needlepoint Kits
Beginner needlepoint kits for young and just-starting-out stitchers. Or, if you want a large mesh needlepoint canvas design you will find them here.

Christmas Stocking Needlepoint Kits
Adorable Christmas stocking needlepoint kits to stitch for loved ones.

Christmas Needlepoint Kits
Christmas needlepoint kits - stockings and other festive kits.

Halloween Needlepoint
A large range of Halloween needlepoint designs, both needlepoint kits and handpainted canvases.

Stitch & Zip Needlepoint Kits
Pre-finished Stitch & Zip needlepoint kits. Affordable kits that simply get zipped up when you have finished stitching. Made in the USA.

Pillows by Home Creations
Affordable needlepoint pillow kits. Made in the USA.

Easy Needlepoint Kits
Easy needlepoint kits are needlepoint designs aimed at the beginner stitcher.

Jennifer Pudney Embroidery
Fun embroidery designs by Jennifer Pudney. The outline of the design is stamped onto the felt and there is a stitch guide to show you the way.

Baby Needlepoint
Baby needlepoint designs for that special boy or girl.

Wedding Needlepoint
Wedding needlepoint kits and canvases.

Bargello Needlepoint
Bargello Needlepoint Kits

Penelope Needlepoint Designs
Traditional designs printed onto penelope needlepoint canvas.

Mary Self
Small kits from New Zealand with a mohair blend fiber.

Preworked Needlepoint
Preworked needlepoint has the detail already stitched in by hand so you only need stitch the background.