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Handpainted Needlepoint Designs

Dog Needlepoint
Every type of dog you can imagine reproduced as dog needlepoint for your stitching pleasure!

Cat Needlepoint
Handpainted needlepoint canvases and needlepoint kits that feature cats, cats and more cats.

Bird Needlepoint
Bird needlepoint designs that are either handpainted needlepoint or needlepoint kits featuring birds.

Fun & Whimsical
Whimsical handpainted needlepoint designs that are contemporary and fun.

Animal Handpainted Needlepoint Designs
Handpainted needlepoint designs that feature animals. These are unique handpainted canvases under license to professional artists.

Floral Handpainted Needlepoint Designs
Blooming handpainted needlepoint designs! Contemporary styles and vivid colors make these handpainted needlepoint canvases a must-see.

Needlepoint with funny or quirky sayings.

Abstract & Ethnic Handpainted Needlepoint Designs
Handpainted needlepoint designs from around the world. Needlepoint inspired by the indigenous art of a variety of cultures.

Vintage and Retro Handpainted Needlepoint Designs
Vintage art is defined by its longevity and these handpainted needlepoint designs will ensure this art continues to endure. Fun and classical styles.

Charley Harper Needlepoint
Handpainted needlepoint designs adapted from the popular work of Charley Harper, the famous American artist and illustrator (1922 - 2007).

Geographical Needlepoint
Geographical needlepoint from all over the globe.

DJ Designs
Elegant handpainted needlepoint designs with exquisite attention to detail from this San Francisco based needlepoint designer.

Kirk & Bradley Needlepoint
Kirk & Bradley handpainted needlepoint. Sometimes sophisticated; sometimes whimsical; always top quality designs.

Maggie Co. Needlepoint
Fun, whimsical and artistic describes Maggie Co. needlepoint.

Sandra Gilmore Needlepoint
Handpainted needlepoint from the artistry of professional designer Sandra Gilmore.

Alice Peterson Needlepoint
A handpainted needlepoint canvas from Alice Peterson Company is a delightful experience. Contemporary designs that are easy to stitch.

Judaic Needlepoint
Judaic needlepoint designs by Sandra Gilmore and Tonya, all stitch painted onto mono canvas.

Easy Stitchpainted Needlepoint
Easy handpainted needlepoint designs that have been stitch painted and are perfect for beginners.

Contemporary design with a custom painted letter.