Needlepoint Pillow Kits

Needlepoint pillow kits are the easiest way to stitch up your own sofa 'ornament'. With a needlepoint kit, all the decision making has been made for you and there are tons of designs to choose from.

Most needlepoint pillow kits include a color-printed needlepoint canvas, yarns or threads, a needle, and instructions for how to needlepoint. Generally, the pillow backing is not provided. We have an extensive collection of needlepoint pillow kits from all around the world. Take a browse and contact us with any questions about needlepoint pillow kits.

Needlepoint Pillow Kits - Primavera

Primavera Needlepoint is some of England's finest needlepoint pillow kits. We have imported
them to the U.S where they await your needle! Gorgeous florals with fine detailing, but still plenty of options for the novice stitcher.

primavera needlepoint pillow kits

Needlepoint Pillow Kits - Fine Cell Work

Fine Cell Needlework is an English charity. Their needlepoint pillow kits are stylish and unique while still being

inspired by historical tiles and textiles. We love them.

needlepoint pillow kit fine cell work tapestry

Needlepoint Pillow Kits - Millennia Designs

Millennia Designs needlepoint kits come from Wales and are based on Arts & Crafts Movement designers and historical tiles and tapestries. Beautiful design that endures.
Millennia needlepoint pillow kit tapestry

Needlepoint Pillow Kits - Kirk & Hamilton

These groovy needlepoint pillow kits by Kirk & Hamilton are very Andy Warhol retro. We love them as they are truly unique in the needlepoint world. This one is called Pop Art Mini Cars.
needlepoint pillow kit scotty dogs tapestry england

Needlepoint Pillow Kits - Animal Fayre

Animal Fayre needlepoint kits are not all about animals - but mostly. Many of these designs are based on ancient tiles and textiles. These English needlepoint tapestry kits offer something traditional, unique and high quality.
needlepoint pillow kits animal fayre tapestry england

Needlepoint Pillow Kits - One Off Needlework

One Off Needlework of England produces the finest needlepoint kits with a variety of styles. There are kits for children's rooms, needlepoint doorstop kits, colorful Millefiori designs. You won't be disappointed.
needlepoint pillow kit oriental cat

Needlepoint Pillow Kits - Modern Needlepoint Kits

Check out our modern needlepoint kits from New Zealand and Australia. These pillow kits will surely elevate your sofa and living room decor to a new level. 
needlepoint pillow kit by Jennifer Pudney

Needlepoint Pillow Kits - The Stitchsmith

Contemporary floral flair with The Stitchsmith needlepoint pillow kits from New Zealand. This is a small range of absolutely unique needlepoint. Stitch one of these and have all your visitors "ooh" and "aah" over it!
needlepoint pillow kit stitchsmith contemporary

Needlepoint Pillow Kits - The Purple Tree

The Purple Tree range will captivate you with the detail in their beautiful needlepoint pillow kits

based on the watercolor art of Elizabeth Parsons. Traditional English tapestry kits.

 needlepoint pillow kit tapestry english cottage

Needlepoint Pillow Kits - Cleopatra's Needle

We import Cleopatra's Needle kits from England. These needlepoint pillow kits are the ideal blend of traditional and contemporary. Lots of fruits and florals with interesting colors.
needlepoint pillow kit thistle tapestry tartan scotland

Needlepoint Pillow Kits - Home Creations

Home Creations is a range of very affordable needlepoint pillow kits. Made in the USA, in Los Angeles, and kitted with cotton instead of wool yarns, these kits are not only good value, they are beautifully designed.
needlepoint pillow kit poppies

needlepoint pillow kits contemporary traditional english tapestry