How To Make A Needlepoint Chair Cover.

Here are some general tips on what needlepoint canvas is best to use for a needlepoint chair cover, or a needlepoint piano bench, and how to go about stitching upholstery items like this.

  • The strongest canvas you can use is a penelope needlepoint canvas as it is double weave. Use penelope canvas to make a needlepoint chair cover if the chair or bench will get a lot of use. A mono canvas is the next best option and would be a good option if the furniture is going to be mostly decorative. Click here to purchase blank needlepoint canvas.
  • The needlepoint chair cover will need to fit around curves when it is upholstered. Make a muslin/cheesecloth pattern of the design before you start stitching (if you are going to get this professionally upholstered then the upholsterer should do this for you). This is so you stitch to the right dimensions. Then trace the pattern onto the canvas, leaving a 3 inch margin of blank canvas for the upholsterer to use to fasten the canvas to the furniture. Once you have stitched the design you then block the stitched canvas back to this pattern. There is no special trick to this, just follow the instructions on our site for how to block needlepoint.
  • Use needlepoint basketweave stitch for as much of the project as you can. Needlepoint basketweave stitch provides a good, strong backing to the canvas so the needlepoint chair cover will wear better. It will also distort the canvas less than other stitches which will help when you go to block it.

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