Framing Needlepoint

Framing needlepoint the contemporary way - "gallery" style.

For information on how to frame a needlepoint canvas yourself, click here. For information about our 'gallery-style' needlepoint framing service, read on......

We frame all our needlepoint in a 'gallery-style' frame.


Because we think it looks better if, when framing needlepoint, the glass is set away from the canvas, rather than pressed up against it. It adds depth to your artwork, and, by allowing the needlepoint room to "breathe", draws attention to the design. Also, it is a more contemporary style of needlepoint framing that lends itself to any decor.

Our Framing Needlepoint Service

Our standard needlepoint frame measures 12.5" x 10.5". This accommodates a 6" x 4" or similar needlepoint e.g. Jennifer Pudney and Mary Self designs. 

You have a choice of either a white-wash or black frame.

 The cost to have your needlepoint blocked and framed in our standard, gallery-style frame is $ 70.00 plus $ 10.50 postage and packaging (within the U.S. only).

Mail the completed design, with needlepoint framing and payment instructions to:
Unique NZ Designs LLC, 4304 W. 230th St, Torrance, CA 90505

Enclose a check made payable to Unique NZ Designs, or enclose your credit card details (or a phone number where we can call you for them). Thanks!

Our standard turn-around for needlepoint framing is 14-21 days.

Featured Kit

Carpe Diem needlepoint kit by Millennia Designs.