Needlepoint Pillow Finishing

needlepoint pillow finishingWhere can you go for relatively affordable needlepoint pillow finishing after you have spent hours stitching your beautiful needlepoint canvas? We use an expert needlepoint finisher who charges a very competitive price.

Needlepoint Pillow Finishing - What Is Included?

When you send your needlepoint pillow to us for finishing it includes:
  • Blocking the needlepoint back to its original shape - yes, even if yours has gone from a square to unrecognizable geometry, our expert finisher can still do it.
  • Pillow backing fabric
  • Zipper
  • Pillow inner
needlepoint pillow finishingAdditional features such as a welt (piping made from the pillow backing fabric), tassles, cording, insets etc cost extra but are not outrageous, and we can discuss your needs or options with you.


The pillows arrived yesterday and they look great! I couldn't be more pleased. Please extend my compliments to the finisher.

Thanks. Anne

Needlepoint Pillow Finishing Prices

I have used Brenda and Cheryl's finisher on two occasions. I know for a fact how much thought and work she puts into finishing a piece of needlework that has taken thought and work itself, by the stitcher (me). 
She culled through rolls and rolls of material before coming to just the right color and fabric before getting to the actual work. I am sitting on bench cushions that took me two years to stitch. And now they will last for decades.
Her prices are very reasonable, and I am so very pleased that Brenda and Cheryl use her - she's as good as they are!
Very sincerely,
JoEllen Zumberge

Other Finishing

We also finish stockings, ornaments, chair/bench seats. We do not finish belt straps or most leather work. If in doubt, ask us about needlepoint finishing.

Finished seat cushions with dog "Sisi". These were shipped all the way to Slovakia - that's how good our finisher is!

When you are ready, ship your canvas to:

80 W. Sierra Madre Blvd, #386
Sierra Madre, CA 91024
Ph. 877 722 8463 or 626 483 0951

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Do Your Own Needlepoint Pillow Finishing

And there is, of course, the option of sewing the pillow up yourself. We can help you with this by steering you to information that is already on our site. First, you need to block the needlepoint canvas. Then, you will need to find the style and color of backing fabric you want. Then follow this link for instructions for how to make a needlepoint pillow backing.

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