Custom Needlepoint Printing

Our custom needlepoint printing service is fast and professional. Do you have a special photo or artwork that you would like transferred to needlepoint canvas so you can stitch it? Maybe a photo of your house, a favorite pet or a wedding picture? That's what custom needlepoint printing is all about.

Custom Needlepoint PrintingBergdorf Goodman department store in NYC holiday window display 2014.
Bergdorf used our custom printing service to produce these images offamous poets and authors which they then stitched.

Here's how custom needlepoint printing works:

 Send us the digital or hard copy image  that you want reproduced.

Specify the needlepoint canvas mesh size you want (if you know it) and the size that you want the design to be (it can be enlarged or reduced from the original) and we can make some minor "Photoshop" modifications if necessary.

If you do not know the answer to these questions, send us an email and we can discuss your project with you to make sure it is going to work out the way you want it.
"Dear Brenda and Cheryl
Just wanted to let you know that I received the print on the needlepoint cloth today. It was a copy of my granddaughter's picture.
It's perfect !! Thank you so much for your suggestions about the pink highlights. I think they will really make the needlepoint 'pop'.
I will heartily recommend you to my friends and family

What If I Need Threads?

You can commission a custom needlepoint either as canvas-only or with fibers. We can supply cotton, wool or silk threads. The price will depend upon the size of the design and the number of different colors there are in it. We can give you a quote for threads once we have your image design finalized (usually after printing). Just email us.

What Does Custom Needlepoint Printing  Cost?
It depends upon the size of your project. Prices start around $35. Please contact us for a quote and give us the design area you want your needlepoint to be, and any other information you have e.g. mesh size, area of blank canvas around the outside, any changes you would like made to the image before it is printed. We can also help you with all of this. So contact us and let's start the discussion. There is no obligation until you give the project final approval.


"Hi Brenda,
I got the canvas today. I love the Penelope canvas -it is exactly what I wanted! Also, the Image on the canvas turned out very well!
I am so happy I found your company. Also, I found the price very reasonable.
Thank you so very much. I hope to do repeat business with your company and I highly recommend your company.
DG - California"

Image Features That Transfer Well To Custom Needlepoint - And Other Tips.
Close ups are better than distant objects. Try to avoid too much "busy-ness" in the design. There should be a central object, and it is best if the background doesn't have too much 'going on'. The designer can adjust the photo you send to remove background features and/or lighten objects if necessary. Close-ups allow the detail to come through which is important when you want to stitch it.

Dark colors that are similar to each other may blend together when printed. Highly saturated dark colors, printed in large areas don't have the visual impact they do on your monitor. They print lighter. Blacks tend to come out as dark charcoal greys and look best when used in small amounts and with lighter colors. 

Design details print well as long as there is good contrast between colors and the colors are not too dark.

There are no white inks so white will be the color of the underlying canvas.
Color images work better than black and white ones, but black and white is possible.

Get started today.

custom needle point printing

                 From This...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         To this.

The process usually takes 1-2 weeks before you are mailed the canvas (1 week if no threads are required, 2 weeks if we need to kit your canvas.) Times are approximate.

If you have questions about custom needlepoint printing and/or you would like to proceed with getting an image transferred to needlepoint canvas then contact us. We give you all the help you need to make sure you get a needlepoint canvas you love.

hi there i received my 5 patterns today…thanx…i am very satisfied  GB; NY

A custom needlepoint of your child's art makes a wonderful
project and cherished keepsake.

Just a quick note to let you know I received my Needlepoints and I am quite pleased with everything!!!  I am so happy I discovered you ladies on the web. You do great work and I'm sure when I'm ready for another project...I'll be contacting you.

Polly; Quebec, Canada

Just received "Chocolate Bear" and it is adorable----Thank you for your help and again I'll send you a finished picture.  Maureen. CO

From This...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           To this.


Kirk & Hamilton Pop Art Mini Cars needlepoint kit
Stylish, contemporary and lots of fun stitching.