Charley Harper Needlepoint

Charley Harper needlepoint Rainforest BirdsCharley Harper needlepoint brings the art of this famous illustrator to the canvas where it will endure for years to come.

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Charley Harper Needlepoint - Who Is He?

Charley Harper was best known for his Modernist illustrations. His art is widely published in books and posters, and most people would probably recognise his work. This Rainforest Birds Charley Harper needlepoint design is one of our most popular needlepoint adaptations of this famous artist's work.

Charley Harper lived in Cincinnati and passed away in 2007. His stylized designs are hugely popular today, possibly because of their design simplicity and effective use of color.

Charley Harper epitomises the concept of 'less is more'. He called his style 'minimal realism' because he didn't try to reproduce exactly what he saw, instead he presented the component parts in bare form - and very effectively as well.

Charley Harper Needlepoint - What Is It?

Charley Harper needlepoint Grosbeaks
Charley Harper needlepoint - Grosbeaks

The Meredith Co. holds the licence to reproduce Charley Harper needlepoint and we purchase handpainted needlepoint canvases from them to sell here on Needlepoint For Fun.

Due to the popularity of these designs we often have difficulty maintaining stock levels, so check before you buy as some designs have a 4 week delivery time. We try to keep the delivery times for Charley Harper needlepoint as short as possible and we try to hold inventory of all canvases.

Most Charley Harper needlepoint is on 13 mesh canvas but there are some that are painted onto 18 mesh mono needlepoint canvas.

Charley Harper needlepoint is so easy to stitch because there is no shading detail and the color areas are all well-defined and stitch-painted. This is what makes these canvases an excellent choice for beginner and experienced stitchers.

You can purchase these canvases as canvas-only or with threads and full product details are written alongside the design images when you click through.

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Once you have finished stitching your Charley Harper needlepoint you can check out our framing service or our affordable needlepoint finishing service. Let Charley Harper art live on by adorning your sofa.

Contact us with any questions about Charley Harper needlepoint. We love to visit with you and will always get back to you in the shortest time possible.

charley harper rainforest birds needlepoint
A Charley Harper Rainforest Birds needlepoint that was completed by one of our customers.


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